NadLabs Affiliates Program

Want to make money by promoting NadLabs apps?

Well, now you can.

NadLabs apps are sold exclusively through Code Canyon, so you can start promoting NadLabs apps via the Code Canyon affiliates program and start to earn commission of 30% of any new member’s initial deposit or purchase price.

All commissions processed safely and reliably by Code Canyon - a well known market place for developers world over.

Why Promote NadLabs Apps?

Because NadLabs web applications are built to be the best of breed with some of the most innovative design features on the market today, all wrapped up with a very competitive pricing structure, you have a greater chance of attaining higher conversions for your click traffic than you may get for promoting other more ‘standard’, more expensive items on Code Canyon. This means greater chance of earning your commission.

To add to that, NadLabs apps are sold exclusively though Code Canyon. So if your visitors click through, they'll have to buy from Code Canyon thus increasing your chances of securing a healthy commission.

NadLabs apps also come with loads of marketing material to get you started without too much fuss.

How Do I Start?

It’s simple. Head over to Code Canyon and sign up to a membership account. This will automatically set you up for the affiliate scheme.

Now all you need is to create the link with your name.

These are the links for all NadLabs apps

userBase – user management

seeMeLikeMe – user votes and page insights

commentsEngine – site wide discussions

Make sure to replace ##YourUsername## with your own Code Canyon username.

For Bloggers

If you’re a blogger who wants some extra information about the apps then please get in touch or if you’re blog is big enough I’d be happy to run a freebie competition through your blog.