The commentsEngine is a fully fledged, site wide commenting system for you to use with your next web 2.0 project. From flood control and linkifying urls on the fly to XSS checks and advanced searching tools - it has all the things you could want from a commenting system.

Powered by MySQL and PHP fronted by JavaScript (jQuery) and fully “ajax’d”.

For Users

For Admins & Moderators

Developer Features

  • Allow users to comment on your site content.
  • Re-order comments on date, ratings, usernames.
  • Allow users to vote on comments.
  • Automatically hides low rated comments.
  • Supports Gravtar.
  • Linkify URLs on the fly.
  • An array of search options.

    • Search comments on the current page.
    • Search comments across the site.
    • Find comments by a user by clicking on their username.
    • Search one users comments on one page or across the site.
  • Allows setting up moderation queues.
  • Flood control to control spam.
  • Editing & Deleting of user comments by moderators.
  • Allows editing of user comments by moderators.
  • All user inputs cleaned for SQL injection + XSS attacks.
  • Full documentation – see here.
  • Easiy to intergrate into your exsisting user database – see documentation.
  • Flexiable – works with both dynamic data driven sites & static content.
  • Only requires a few lines of code.


Like all my apps, commentsEngine is fully documented with code examples and a live code sample inside the download file. The docs contain a full explanation of the features and how they can be used. You can find a copy of the documentation here

The commentsEngine is built using the latest in web technology. As such it works best in browsers using the latest standards. We recommend using a CSS3 standard browser. However this is a public facing app and as such it is designed to work okay to well with browsers down to IE7 . It is not, however, tested with IE6 or lower. Please keep that in mind before using this on your site.

This app uses javascript – there is no ‘unscripted’ version. It’s all or nothing.

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