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Userbase is a powerful and full featured PHP user login and user management system with a huge number of extras that you may require when setting up a new website. Ajaxed front end with a noScript version and a fully ajaxed admin CP using delicious amounts of jQuery to make user management a pleasure. Did I mention it also fully supports Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo user log-ins plus loads more?

Userbase also contains a built-in site traffic analytics system (siteStats) that allows you to easily track conversion rates on a range of metrics in real time – no more waiting around for 24 hours before getting your data – allowing you to leverage mico-marketing techniques before leads go cold.

Note: For the admin area you need IE9 (not IE8 /7) or some other CSS3 standard browser.

For Users

For Admins

  • Social media logins – Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo and more.
  • User registration with or without captcha.
  • Users allowed to update emails & passwords.
  • Activation emails & forgot password options.
  • Re-send activation emails.
  • "Remember me" option on login (not available in the live demo).
  • Full profile image control (social media / gravatar / hotlink / upload).
  • Ajax’d and noScript versions of main functionality.
  • Add, update & delete users.
  • Add, update & delete users groups.
  • Add user notes.
  • Use captcha or captcha free registration at a flick of a switch.
  • Turn off site registration with one setting.
  • NEW:Integrated “contact us” form that connects directly to your user data – read more.
  • Support for login across sub-domains (if required).

All features marked with beta are avaliable but not fully tested.



  • Detailed search option for every user metric.
  • Clickable search to narrow down search results – watch video.
  • Export mailing list based on search results – watch video.
  • Ban user accounts en mass based on search results – watch video.
  • Keeps track of a history of all users you have accessed today – watch video.
  • Ajax’d work space means less page refreshes.
  • Easily send emails and SMS (beta) directly via the system to any user.
  • userBase automatically collects a range of user data:

    • Browser
    • Operating system
    • Screen resolution
    • Language
    • Geo-location (country)
    • Referring URL
    • Referring domain
    • Referring ID (if set)

  • The system frustrates brute force attacks
    by ignoring databases checks after x login attempts.
  • Salted & encrypted passwords.
  • Session hijacking protection.
  • Customisable password encryption: pick md5, sha1, sha512 or any other.
  • All inputs cleaned for SQL injection.
  • User entered data cleared for XSS attacks.
  • The system logs all failed logins attempts with
    IP and country of origin.
  • Collects referring data such domain and urls –
    making it easier to track group spam attackers.
  • Ban user accounts en mass based on search results.
    So you can ban all users referred by a particular URL or domain in a few clicks.
  • Create security rules to block site access or user registration based on:

    • IP address.
    • Email address.
    • Email domain – eg yahoo.co.uk
    • Referring domain.
    • Referring URL .

  • Send login tokens with SMS (beta)
  • Logins now expire after a X amount of time.

Analytics & Marketing

Developer Features

  • Integrated real time traffic stats & analytics.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Enables real time micro marketing control.
  • Designed with web 2.0 sites in mind.
  • View visitor and conversion rates by each metric below.
  • Drill down in to your digital demographic with the following metrics. So you can check which browsers are used by operating system and so on – watch video.

    • Browser
    • Operating system
    • Screen resolution
    • Language
    • Geo-location (country)
    • Referring URL
    • Referring domain
    • Referring ID (if set)
    • Search engine
    • Search engine keywords (beta)
    • Date
  • Full documentation – see here.
  • Protect your pages with a few lines.
  • Access user data from the system with a few lines of code.
  • Innovative user interface in the admin panel is highly extendable.
  • Scripted and noScript versions of all user front end features.
  • Highly expandable UI for your own business needs.

Documentation & Code Examples

Installing userbase is a breeze with an installer package and I’ve added a load of dummy data so you can just test it out right away. I have also included, just like with all my apps, a full set of documentation to get you started. The documentation contains code examples, feature explanations and as always I’ve included live code samples to help you understand all the features.

Protecting a page only takes a few lines of code but at the same time it’s feature packed.

You can see example code of how to protect a page and all the other documentation here before you buy.

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